Lost your Apple ID Passcode? These Simple tips will show you how to recover iCloud and iTunes password with ease


Everyone who has iPhone or other iOS device by default has Apple ID. This unique ID can be used for iCloud, iTunes as well as for accessing the App store, however in case something happens and you lose your password, you will be not left with many options and you may be forced to reset it. Everytime you want to log into your iCloud account using a new device you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID. Same thing happens when you try to download content from the app store for a first time. So in case you do not know your Apple ID password, you can reset it with ease using the web browser of your Apple device. And before going as extreme as resetting it, you can try to recover it first.

Recover a lost Apple ID via email or secret question method

If you do not know the password for your iCloud Activation Lock, you can try to request for reset instructions. In case you have registered a recovery email during the creating of the account, you can ask for the reset instructions to be emailed directly to you. And, if you have set a secret question, you can reset the password directly from your web browser.

  • Start the web browser on your iPhone
  • Enter your Apple ID and Press Next. The recovery procedure will begin shortly
  • Select Reset by Email and Apple will send you reset instructions to the registered recovery email address (this email is different than your Apple ID)
  • Alternatively you can choose to Answer Secret question to conduct the reset directly on the website

Remember that if you go with the recovery method that requires answering your security question, make sure that you have used a question that is not easily predictable and guessable. When setting a password or similar protection make sure that you always use random characters and you store the password with your password manager.

Apple ID Password

Recover the Apple ID using the two step verification method

You can recover the password of your Apple ID using the old two step verification method. Here is what you need to do:

  • Start Safari (or the web browser you use)
  • Search for http://iforgot.apple.com.
  •  Press on “Enter your Apple ID”. The recovery process will begin shortly after
  • Now enter your Recovery key
  • Press Next
  • Select a recovery device (you must set one ready)
  • Press Next
  • Enter the verification code which you were sent
  • Press Next

After that you can add a new password and for future use it is recommended that you store it with your password manager to ensure that you will never lose it again.

Recover lost Apple ID with two-factor authentication

The new two factor authentication system which Apple is slowly implementing does not require a recovery key for recovering a lost password. In case you can use this method follow the step by step instructions which we will provide as soon as they are ready!

Instructions to recover a lost Apple ID password

In case you do not know the email or the username of your Apple ID, you can try to find it out directly from Apple

  • Start Safari or the browser you use
  • Select Forgot Apple ID
  • Provide your First, Last name as well as your email address
  • Provide any email you may have used during the registration
  • Select Next
  • Choose “Reset by Email” and Apple will send the instructions for resetting the account into the registered recovery email address (this is different than the Apple ID email address)
  • Alternatively, select Answer secret question to reset the Passcode directly on the web

It is not 100% certain, but Apple will try to find the Apple ID which is associated with your email address and will provide you with opportunity to recover your lost password.