Learn how to Unlock Apple ID which is locked due to security reasons


It is not a secret that Apple’s main priority is to provide the best security for its users. However, as of recent there is an increased number of users who report that they have received the message “This account has been locked for security reasons” on their iDevices.

In case you are among those unfortunate users then you should know that this is really serious issue. In this post we will inform you how to properly restore disabled Apple ID.

Restore your Apple ID with a few simple tricks

Unlock Disabled Apple ID

Getting the Apple ID locked is of course really bothersome and inconvenient knowing that the latest apps are available in the App store. In case you have received message that your Apple ID has been locked due to security reasons, the reason behind this it is most likely that someone else has tried to log in to your account but Apple has prevented them. The Apple ID is set to automatically lock when someone entered the wrong password several times.

How to check if your Apple ID is locked?

If you are suspecting that your Unlock iCloud is already locked, you can confirm this by checking whether any of these alerts appears:

  • You are unable to sign in to your account
  • You receive the message “This account has been disabled for security reasons”

How to prevent locking Apple ID and how to restore a locked Apple ID

  • Open your MAC web browser
  • Search for “iForgot” website
  • Provide your first and last name, add your email and tap “Next”
  • In case you have previously enabled the two step verification feature, you will be asked to enter the recovery key. In case this is not enabled, skip this step. Assuming that the two step verification feature is enabled, enter the recovery key and press “Next”. Add the phone number which you have used for the two step verification and tap “Continue”. Enter the verification code and click “Proceed”
  • You will be prompted to enter a new password and to confirm it. After that select “Reset Password”

After you complete this, your account will be unlocked. From this point on, you will need to use the new password which you have set.

How to update your Password:

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings menu. Select iCloud and go to Edit
  • Type the new password you wish to use and tap “Done”

How to update the password using Mac OS X

  • On your MAC open the Apple Menu and select System Preferences
  • From the sections, choose iCloud and select Sign Out
  •  Type the new password you wish to use and press Sign In

You will be asked to enter the new password when you log in to Facetime, iTunes and other Apple services. So make sure that you remember your new password.